We’ve been making sailplane parts and DIY kits since 1998. We started out by supporting the HP-series kit sailplanes designed by Dick Schreder with kits, parts, and plans. We started developing our own kit sailplane, the HP-24, in 2001.

The first HP-24 was built by Brad Hill, and registered as his “Tetra-15.” It first flew on 24 January 2012. Since then, Brad’s ship has flown about 600 hours with many long flights.

The second HP-24 completed first flew on 26 June 2016, and is based near Reno, Nevada. It has since done many cross-country flights in Nevada and California.

There are currently four other HP-24s under construction, including one with LZ Design FES (Front Electric Sustaniner) and one with retracting electric self-launch system.