HP-24 Sailplane



HP-24 kit brochure (PDF)

Flight report by Tony Condon (PDF)

Initial flight test report by Stan Kasprzyk

The HP-24 kit lets you build your own modern, high-performance carbon fiber sailplane in your garage or workshop. The wing is configured for 15-meter span, with optional winglets and also 18-meter span extensions. Provisions are available for up to 300 lbs of water ballast.

The HP-24 is the logical extension of the HP/RS series sailplanes designed by Richard E. Schreder, and leverages on his philosophy of providing cutting-edge performance at an affordable price.

The cockpit of the HP-24 is specifically designed with a wide range of pilot sizes and shapes in mind. The cockpit is designed around an average pilot height of 6′ 2″, with accommodation for both larger and smaller pilots. We believe that better ergonomics and reduced fatigue results in a better soaring experience, and improved overall performance and satisfaction.

The HP-24’s basic configuration has been specifically designed to provide outstanding handling and stability, and the HP-24 has shown itself to offer both high performance and docile handling.

The standard HP-24 kit comes with all critical alignment and closure tasks already done. The upper and lower wing skins are already bonded together, as are the right and left fuselage shells. The kit has been carefully designed so that builder-accomplished tasks are within the capacity of a homebuilder with average tools and skills.

The kit includes all of the parts and assemblies required to manufacture a flyable aircraft, with the exception of paint, instruments, and some hazmat-controlled resins.
You get hands-on experience and “51% rule” credit at our regular Akaflieg meetings where you participate in the manufacture and assembly of your kit components.

Standard features:

  • Pre-assembled wing panels and fuselage shells
  • 15-meter wing
  • Nose-pivot 1-piece canopy
  • Automatic control hookups

Typical Options:

  • Winglets
  • 18-meter span extensions
  • Provisions for Tost tow hitches (nose or CG)
  • Water ballast bags or tanks and plumbing
  • Electronic auto flap

Other options:

  • Front Electric Sustainer (FES)
  • Electric self-launch

Kit descriptions and prices: