Finishing Kit

With the finish kit, you add the final touches to your HP-24 sailplane that make it attractive and operational.
To finish off your HP-24 high-performance sailplane, you:
  • Locate and install the canopy jettison hood onto the canopy frame
  • Fit the canopy frame to the fuselage and install its latching and jettison mechanisms.
  • Fabricate and install the canopy defog vent and vent control
  • Install the precision-formed canopy transparency onto the frame
  • Install the sliding vent window onto the canopy
  • Install the wheel, tire, and hydraulic disk brake
  • Locate and install the wheel brake master cylinder and reservoir
  • Assemble the instrument panel and pod
  • Assemble and install the nose tow hitch and actuation cable


  • Canopy transparency
  • Canopy frame
  • Canopy latch and jettison parts
  • Wheel, tire, and brake
  • Instrument pod and panel
  • Tow hitch, brackets, and actuation cable
  • Bonding resin and hardner
  • Epoxy fillers


  • $4950 due at order time; lead time 6 weeks