Fuselage Kit

The HP-24 fuselage consists of a sleek molded carbon fiber shell that locates and supports all other fuselage and tail parts. The fuselage shell is stiffened by several fiberglass bulkheads as well as carbon fiber longerons and several ring stiffeners in the aft fuselage. The shell is also reinforced with plies of carbon/Kevlar hybrid fabric in the cockpit and at the root of the vertical stabilizer.
The fuselage kit builds on the skills you developed assembling the tail kit. You install bulkheads and stiffeners, all control system parts, and all undercarriage parts. You also learn composite lamination skills as you apply reinforcing tapes to join certain parts.

Assembly Process

To assemble your fuselage, you:
  • Install tailboom crescent stiffeners (LC option only)
  • Install tailboom push-pull tube bearings (LC option only)
  • Install tailboom wires and pneumatic tubes (LC option only)
  • Install rudder cable tunnel tubes (LC option only)
  • Bond right and left fuselage shells together (LC option only)
  • Locate and install the airbrake idler and undercarriage drive parts in the right and left landing gear well boxes
  • Locate and install the right and left landing gear well boxes and closeouts
  • Bond the forward lift support tube to the top of the gear well boxes with fiberglass tapes (supplied)
  • Locate and install the molded fiberglass fuselage bulkheads
  • Locate and install the molded carbon/Kevlar hybrid forward fuselage longerons
  • Assemble the cockpit control and trim systems from parts supplied
  • Locate and install the cockpit forward floor
  • Locate and install cockpit interior panels
  • Locate and install the canopy hinge arm
  • Assemble, locate, and install the mid-fuselage flaperon and airbrake control cluster
  • Locate and install the mid-fuselage deck
  • Locate and install the tailwheel fender and fairing
  • Assemble the wings in position, then locate and install the aft lift tube
  • With wings in position, locate and install the wing control autoconnect funnels, and connect the funnels to the airbrake and flaperon control cluster
  • Locate and install the aft elevator drive bellcrank
  • Locate and install the rudder hinges
  • Dress and fill upper and lower bonding seams and vertical tail leading edge seam
  • Reprime and paint the fuselage

Parts Included

  • Molded carbon fiber fuselage shell set, bonded together with fin spar installed
  • Molded fiberglass fuselage bulkheads
  • All Undercarriage gear well parts
  • Undercarriage doors and hinges
  • All Undercarriage weldments, powder coated
  • All carbon fiber and carbon/Kevlar cockpit longerons
  • All cockpit seating parts
  • All canopy hinge arm parts
  • All control weldments and small parts
  • All wing attach parts
  • Epoxy bonding resin and hardener
  • Epoxy fillers

Pricing and Availability

  • $10,800; lead time 12 weeks, deposit of $2160 due at order, balance due at delivery
  • Order your fuselage kit before 16 November 2019
Email bob@hpaircraft.com to order