Tail Kit

The HP-24 tail kit consists of all the parts you need to assemble the carbon fiber horizontal stabilizer and also the Kevlar elevator and rudder. With this kit, you learn the basics of composite part assembly and bonding.

When you prepare to go flying, you attach the horizontal tailplane to the top of the vertical stabilizer by tightening a single knurled knob. The elevator connects to its control drive automatically when you set the tailplane in place and lower the elevator drive roller into a slot in the drive fork.

The rudder contains a tuned dipole antenna for your com radio. The rudder is mass balanced with a lead counterweight in its leading edge to prevent flutter.

Assembly process

To assemble your tail kit, you:

  • Install the rudder counterweight
  • Fabricate and install the dipole radio antenna
  • Install the upper and lower rudder hinge saddles
  • Fabricate the lower rudder hinge drive bellcrank and hinge from aluminum supplied
  • Bond the right and left rudder skins together
  • Reinforce the rudder leading edge with one ply of fiberglass (supplied)
  • Dress and fill stabilizer leading edge bonding seams
  • Reprime and paint the horizontal stabilizer and rudder


  • Molded and primed carbon fiber horizontal stabilizer (assembled)
  • Molded and primed Kevlar elevator halves (assembled)
  • Molded and primed Kevlar rudder skins
  • Powder coated elevator drive weldments (bonded into upper elevator skins)
  • Elevator autoconnect bellcrank parts
  • Rudder drive bellcrank
  • Molded fiberglass rudder hinge saddles
  • All rudder antenna parts
  • All bearings and hardware
  • Epoxy bonding resin and hardner
  • Epoxy fillers

Pricing and Availability

Order your tail kit before 16 November 2019. Current tail kit price is $3240; lead time 7 weeks. Deposit of $1640 due at order, balance due on delivery. Email bob@hpaircraft.com to order.