Wing Kit

The HP-24 wing kit consists of all the parts you need to assemble a set of high-performance sailplane wings with full-span mass-balanced flaperons and Schempp-Hirth style airbrakes. When you prepare to go flying, you align the wings in position, push them into place on the fuselage, and then insert two shear pins that secure the overlapping spars of the right and left wings together. As you do this, four pins on the wing root engage sockets on the fuselage to react all lift, drag, thrust, and torsion loads between the wing and fuselage. The wing flaperon and airbrake controls automatically connect themselves to the fuselage control systems when bellcrank arms on the wing roots engage funnels inside the fuselage.
The wings are supplied with the upper and lower wing skins, main spars, drag spars, and root ribs and fittings already assembled and bonded together. The two spar stubs are already precision-fitted to each other so that the main pins fit perfectly.

Assembly Process

To assemble your wing kit, you:
  • Trim wing edges and seams
  • Locate and install the four prefabricated flaperon sections on their pre-installed hinge points
  • Assemble the airbrake system into the prefabricated airbrake boxes
  • Install the airbrake boxes into slots in the upper wing surface
  • Fit the airbrake cap and surround flush with the upper surface of the wing
  • Adjust and install the four flaperon final drive pushrods
  • Locate and install the inboard flaperon drive bellcrank
  • Adjust and install the airbrake lower and upper paddles
  • Fabricate and install the autoconnect arms and brackets on the wing root
  • Install the outboard flaperon bellcrank and mass balance
  • Install the outboard flaperon bellcrank access panel
  • Install inspection plates and their anchors
  • Dress and fill leading edge and access panel seams as appropriate
  • Reprime, wave sand, and paint exterior surfaces
  • Install flaperon drive horn fairings


  • Wing skin shell set, bonded together with main spar, drag spar, and root ribs aligned and installed
  • Flaperons, assembled
  • All control system autoconnect parts
  • All airbrake system and control parts
  • All flaperon control system parts
  • All flaperon hinge parts aligned and preinstalled
  • All flaperon drive horn fairings
  • Bonding resin and hardener
  • Epoxy fillers

Pricing and availability

  • 18m Option: $17,250; lead time 15 weeks. Deposit of $7200 due at order, balance due at delivery.
  • 15m Option: $14,995; lead time 12 weeks. Deposit of $6400 due at order, balance due at delivery.
  • Order your wing kit before 16 November 2019