Short wingtips for RV-4 through RV-8

Our latest product is short wingtips for Vans Aircraft RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, and RV-8 airplanes. These wingtips are the shortest practical wingtip for those airplanes. Our testing shows that at moderate altitudes (below about 8000 ft MSL) they are actually 3+ MPH faster than flat cutoff tips. They are made of durable epoxy/fiberglass and supplied in gray primer ready for painting in your finish color.

These wingtips were designed by aeronautics PhD Steve Smith to be the least draggy way to end the RV wing. At the 2021 Reno Air Races they increased the lap speeds for Bob Mills’ Rocket Six by at least 3 MPH over his flat cutoff tips. And at moderate altitudes those flat tips increased his speed by a couple MPH over the stock Vans “bat wing” tips.

2021 pricing for these wingtips, ready for fitting and installation is $650 per set. To order, email us at

To install the tips, you will trim them to fit your wings, match-drill the tips to the screw holes for your existing tips, install anchor nuts (not included), and bond in triangular closeout ribs where the tips abut your ailerons. For most RV builders, the installation should take about a day.